Pelagia Handheld Shower Head with Hose

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G1/2-Inch Connectors and Tips for Use

1.5M shower hose fit for global 1/2" interface and most standard showerhead. Suitable for bath mixer showers & thermostatic mixer showers.

Please note:The hex nut is the side that attaches to the shower head holder. The smooth conical nut is the side that attaches to the shower head.

High-quality Leak-proof Workmanship

Anti-explosion, heat, salt and acids, leak-proof braided nylon withstands high pressure shower head and hose. It's more durable than the ordinary shower hose and head. The equipped rubber gaskets on the connectors prevent water leakage.

Durable Flexible Shower Hose

The shower head with hose has a double interlocked connector that prevents the shower hose from tangling kinks from forming, giving you the best water pressure possible from your shower heads.





Stainless Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Setting type



Modern and stylish

Installation method


Item dimensions L x W x H

25.6 x 10 x 6.3 centimetres

Frequently Asked Questions


Mine doesn’t swivel. How does the swivel work?

"When I first put mine in it took some work to swivel it.... 2 things I found helped, 1. make sure it's fully tightened well, and 2. force it it'll get easier with time...."

Will this hand held shower head increase water pressure?

Yes, great water pressure on me!

What is the difference between this nylon-braided hose from others?

The difference: 1. Inner tube: most hose of the handheld shower head on the market are not nylon-braided. In fact, this one is not only with EPDM inner lining, but also nylon braided hose which can withstand higher pressure to ensure explosion-proof and anti-leak. Of course, the cost is higher than those common hoses. I am also a little surprised that Newentor has chosen this kind of hose. 2. External tube: made of 100% high-density stainless steel, along with the enhanced double lock system design, this one is solid and anti-kick. The same: The two solid brass connectors fit for the Global 1/2" interface and most standard handheld shower head.