CO₂ Monitor C1

  • 3 Adjustable Brightness
  • 2 Placement Ways
  • USB Adapter or Batteries Powered
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life Assistant

Do you know what the air quality is likewhere we live, study or work?

CO₂ Concentration Factor Indicator

CO2 measured value: carbon dioxide concentration in ppm (parts per million = 1 millionth = 1 ppm = 10-6 -equivalent to 0.001‰). The Federal Environment Agency recommends do not stay in an environment where the CO2 value exceeds 1000 ppm for a long time.
Very nice
400<CO2<650 ppm
651<CO2<1000 ppm
1001<CO2<2000 ppm
2001<CO2<3000 ppm
Difficulty breathing
3001<CO2<5000 ppm

Essential Temperature & Humidity Detection Function

Sit back and relax with the whole family. Let thedetector monitor the home environment in real time

CO2 Alert Function

CO2 Alert function ensures regular and effective ventilation.It not only helps to reduce the risk of many virus transmission, but also lower CO2 levels to improve concentration.

3-level Backlight Mode

We can use the brightest mode during the day.

And use medium light or low light mode at night.

2 Ways to Place

We can choose to hang or place the air quality test kit on the desktop according to our needs.

2 Power Supply Modes

Using USB power supply(included) can set the back light to be always on.

Using battery power(not included) can make the screen bright for 10 seconds.


CO2 Range

400-5000 ppm

Power Supply

USB charger(included); Battery(3 X AAA Batteries, not included)

LCD Screen Size

4 inches

Temperature Range


Humidity Range


About this item

[High-precision CO2 Sensor]: The industry-leading CO2 detection chip detects in real time whether public and private spaces are exhaling excessive CO2 levels due to large crowds and confined spaces, and promptly reminds us whether we need timely ventilation to reduce the risk of CO2.

[Carbon Dioxide Concentration Alerts]: The CO2 concentration alert value can be customized to make our life, work or production environment safer.

[Temperature and Humidity Monitor]: Temperature and humidity are closely related to human body, plants or storage environment. This air quality tester has the function of real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity.

[Clock Calendar and Alarm Clock]: This indoor air quality meters can also be used as a daily clock and alarm clock, with multiple functions to make life more convenient.

[Wide Range of Applications]: This CO2 sensor can be used in daily life, plant room, wine cellar, RV, school, cafe and factory.