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Pelagia Handbrause Duschkopf mit 6 Strahlarten

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Q3 7.5" LCD Screen Weather Station

Newentor temperature and humidity monitor adopts 7.5'' LCD color display, which displays more informations you need.

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Q3 Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Multiple Sensors

Spread 3 remotes within 200 ft of your indoor weather station, such as kitchen, room, yard, greenhouse, etc. It will be very easily for you to monitor temperature and humidity inside and outside.


Structural Mechanics Neck Pillow for Sleeping


Wir sind absolut begeistert! Zugegeben, ich war anfnags sehr skeptisch, dass man zu dem Preis etwas derart preiswertes erhält, aber dieses Produkt liefert und ist dank amazon prime nicht nur schnell da, sondern auch kinderleicht installierbar. Es hat keine 4 Minuten gedauert es zu installieren - inklusive den alten Duschkopf und Schlauch abzumontieren!Sogar jemand ohne Vorkenntnisse kann das alleine und schnell ummontieren und man braucht kein Werkzeug dafür!

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Absolut klasse Produkt. Sehr leicht einzurichten. Zeigt die Temperatur genau an. Absolut klares Display.
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D. Nagel

What I liked is that it's super easy to install. You get additional parts if something isn't fitting correctly, some sort of an adapter, but it wasn't needed on my set up. The settings vary from soft, fast, pelting feeling, and water massage hard. My first shower with this felt amazing! The cord is very light and doesn't tangle up like my old one did. The shower head is wide and angles on my shower almost like a top down now. It feels great!!! The settings switch is easy to flick between, as well. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase! Very affordable for what it does!

Derek McNamara