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Cozy Sleep With Good Sense of Security

Please read before purchasing

Children weighing less than 20 pounds should never use a weighted blanket of any kind. before using a weighted blanket for a child, discuss it with your padiatrician or other health provider.
Weighted blankets are much smaller than normal comforters because they are designed to cover your body — not your bed, it shouldn't hang over the sides of the bed so do not be alarmed about the size.
The golden rule when it comes to weighted blankets is to choose one that is 10 percent of your body’s weight, but it can be more personalized, especially when you fall between the regular weights for the blanket. If you have a small frame or use it for the first time, going light with your weighted blanket. If you tend to workout and are bulky, going up is recommended.
Do not use if you have weak or sensitive joints (knee, hip, back or joint pain),obstructive sleep problem or claustrophobia.
Please give 14-21 days for your body to adjust to the weighted sensation before you can experience the full benefits.

The glass beads are fine glass balls that are small enough to give a smooth feel inside the blanket, but large enough to stay in the blanket and do not make a sound as you move.

12 ties inside the removable cover that fasten to the corresponding loops on the weighted blankets to prevent it from sliding around or bunching up while minimizing shifting.

Why Newentor Weighted Blanket?

Newentor adheres to the highest standards of quality to offer you the best weighted blankets available. We offer a 30 NIGHT SLEEP TRIAL.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you use this with a heated blanket in the winter?

According to the information booklet that came with it you can use a heated blanket with it. The weighted blanket is very warm itself so you probably would not need to use the heated one as much.

Do the glass beads break?

"Not that I’m aware of and I’ve had mind for a few months now. You can’t see the glass beads because they’re in pockets in the duvet."

Does the blanket come with cover on or off?

The cover comes in the same box but not on the blanket. It takes about 10 minutes to tie the weighted blanket into the cover. It’s a nice set up, blanket comes with loops and cover has ties and it holds the two together nicely.