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Newentor® 3 Inch Luxury Firm Dual-Layer Mattress Topper - Back Pain Relief Twin Size Bed Topper, for Sofa, Caravan, Hard/ Old Mattress(MT4)

  • 120 Night Free Trial
  • Free Delivery & Easy Returns
  • 10 Years Warranty
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  • Mattress too Old or Too Firm?

    The 7cm economic topper gives your body the exact support and comfort it needs.

    Either use the topper directly or match it with your existing mattress, both will be a bundle of joy and comfort.

    Under the Covers

    Under the Covers
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    ECO-friendly Washable Cover
    Best topper quality makes the best sleeping. Certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, we provide a non-toxic, skin-friendly, and tender sleep environment, making sure you sleep like a baby.
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    Inside Cover
    With excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying effect, the cover keeps the interior dry and breathable, effectively preventing the breeding of mites and bacteria.
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    Gel-Visco Memory Foam
    The soft and comfortable memory gel allows the body to experience zero pressure, easily fall asleep and provides a refreshing and stable sleeping temperature - lower skin temperature by 1.5-2℃.
  • 4 / 5
    Ergonomic Support Foam
    The high resilience density characteristics make the cushion soft and not collapse, giving the body much more support when lying down and getting up. Keep the spine aligned and healthy.
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    Non-slip Base
    Non-slip base for stable placement. Your topper will stay in place thanks to a grippy backing material.
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    2 Hardness Levels in One Topper

    With 2-layer design, our topper combines the H2 gel visco foam and the H3 comfort firm foam at the same time, adding both support and comfort to your sleep.


    We primarily select OEKO-TEX certified skin-friendly fabric. Being antibacterial and anti-mite, it is soft to touch and machine washable.

    Non-Slip Base for Stable Placement

    The grippy backing material keeps the topper in place, reduces noise, and provides you with sweet and sound sleep.

    Mattress In a Box

    1. UNPACK
    Open the lid and place the box on its side. Pull the topper out to unpack.
    2. UNROLL
    Once the topper is pulled out of the box, use the plastic tab to unroll your topper from the rest of the packaging.
    3. UNWRAP
    Place the topper on your bed base and use a scissor to cut and unwrap the final layer of plastic.
    4. UNWIND
    It will need 24-48 hours to unwind and fully expand. After that, enjoy your new topper and amazing sleeps!

    #Happy Moments

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    120 Night Trial Period

    We know that you know best. That’s why we give you 120-nights — with no strings attached — to try out any Newentor product in the comfort of your own home. That’s 4 months of snuggling, sleeping, and Netflix-ing, so you can get to know Newentor. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together, so we want you to know you’ve made the right choice.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Will the topper slip or stick?

    There are anti-slip knobs on the underside so the topper is attached to the mattress. And we recommend doing the topper with the mattress under a fitted sheet if possible. With its high weight and the fixation by the fitted sheet, the topper usually lies very firmly on the mattress and does not slip. So don't just use a fitted sheet for the topper, but if possible together with the mattress.

    Can the topper be tested?

    Yes. You can test the topper in peace for 120 nights. If you do not like it, you can send it back free of charge and of course you will be reimbursed the full purchase price. Please keep the packaging and foil.

    How is it comfortable to lie on the topper? Does it have a degree of hardness?

    Hardness indications for toppers are not common. The topper was developed by us to a "medium firm" degree of hardness, which corresponds to between "degree of hardness 2 / degree of hardness 3" (H2 / H3). With this degree of hardness, the topper is suitable for a weight of 1 to 100kg.

    Is there a top and bottom? Can you turn the topper for use?

    There is no top and bottom but our topper is 2 layer design, the top layer is made of gel visco foam and the bottom layer is made of comfort foam, if you find the topper soft or hard, you can remove the cover and turn the topper over, then put the cover back on so you can try out various comforts.

    Can the cover be washed?

    The cover of the topper can be washed at up to 40 ° C in washing machines . The cover can be easily removed with the zipper.

    Attention: The cover is not suitable for use in the dryer. We kindly ask you to air dry the cover.